Candles and Confetti

Geode Druzy Cluster - Hot Pink

$ 20

This gorgeous geode cluster is a ONE OF A KIND in a hot pink with brown and white texture. This beauty stands tall at 5 inches high and 4.5 inches wide! She is the perfect addition to home decor or on your desk for daily inspiration.


The charismatic hues of the Geode Druzy assessed for invigorating creativity along with the consonance and Concord. Further, since ages people place large Geode Druzy at their homes to stimulate the energy flow, especially the chi flow in the overall surroundings. Geode Druzy likewise holds the potential to cleanse the aura as well as recharge the emanation, milieu, and propinquity. The sum total of the energies infused in the alluring Geode Druzy makes the wearer fervid and profound.

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